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GreenPoint hotels have been especially conceived and designed for families and young travelers looking for a moderate price lodging option with an outstanding product quality and service. These are GreenPoint 's cornerstone and they confer a significant competitive advantage to the brand in its category.

GreenPoint hotels are built with high-qualityresistant materials, resulting in a better experience for our guests and greater profits for our investors.

As an investment opportunity, you can be the owner of a condo-hotel unit in GreenPoint Kissimmee, just minutes away from Disney and Universal Studios theme parks. GreenPoint Hotel Management takes care of all the expenses, maintenance, and the process of finding guests to stay in your unit, you just have to relax and receive your profit!

You can also use your unit for 4 weeks per year (2 weeks in high season and 2 in low), without altering your profitability. And what is more, even if your unit was vacant, you receive the profit anyway.

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